“My past experiences shaped my identity, my weaknesses, and my strengths. All my experiences led me to the coach I am today, to the passion I have in people, in business and in life. I am perfect in my imperfection and this is my gift to my clients.”

– Maya Rabbat

About Maya Rabbat

Maya is an International Business Coach working on projects between South Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. She coaches successful individuals and organizations in English and French.

Maya has a 12 years experience in International Business – developing businesses overseas for South African companies, and locally leading sales and marketing teams to success. This exposed her to the reality of fast moving markets and the toxic consequences of a permanent stress and change happening in organizations. Her passion in the positive growth and development of the human being in business encouraged her to specialize in coaching.

Certified Practitioner Coach at The Integral Coaching Center in Cape Town, her coaching is founded on the Integral approach that looks at the individual within their environment from all perspectives. Being a member of Comensa, Maya’s coaching fall under the Comensa Code of ethics.

Maya has coached on a one on one-basis with successful individuals, top and middle management and their teams. She has gained in depth skills in dealing with emotional intelligence, diversity and group dynamics in many different types of industries.

Being coached by Maya is an open door to the world based on her life experience between the Middle East- Europe and Africa. Her permanent learning and development stretches her knowledge that permeate and benefit her clients.

Maya’s Philosophy

Maya’s philosophy of life is what she lives by and believes in:

  • ‘Life is too short to be unhappy. Look into your uniqueness and inner potential and create the life you want.’
  • ‘Become the change you want to see’ is what Ghandi said and which inspired her change model.
  • ‘Everything happens for a reason and for something better’ is her positive attitude towards life.
  • ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated’ shaped her attitude towards others.