Business Coaching

“Business Coaching is a method of personal development, where positive support, feedback and suggestions are applied by a coach to an individual. A business coach will often help a business to expand or grow by developing a structured plan with specific goals. This is a structured approach to advancement of the business.” – Comensa’s definition

1 – Executive & Entrepreneurial Coaching

Today’s business world is shaped by major stress and high competition to achieve results and this puts decision makers of high caliber like you in an isolated place, as you can’t really share your daily worries and aspirations with other team members.

We have been in business for 12 years and fully understand the challenges that you face. At Change Coaching we create a confidential and respectful space where you can see the bigger picture in order to make successful interventions.

Working with ‘Change coaching’ will allow you to explore with clarity and efficiency allowing you to:

  • Set a strategy and a vision for your organization and communicating it to your team. Knowing that a clear strategy sets a clear direction.
  • Build your company culture & values while enhancing your leadership style
  • Team Build, knowing that with clear direction the team can rally and make it happen
  • Organizational restructuring in times of change

2 – Team Coaching

As an organization, your greatest asset is your human capital, which is where your greatest possibility of growth lays. Your people are your key to success. With one-on-one coaching you encourage them to grow and align with the company’s goals and vision.

Strength in Numbers Change Coaching work with your team, on setting goals to improve:

  • Skills & Competences
  • Relationships conflicts and Communication skills
  • Self-awareness and Behaviors
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Accountability and Commitments to targets
  • Time Management and Prioritizing
  • Processes and Systems
  • Integration of new members to systems and culture

Working with ‘Change Coaching’ you will experience greater productivity and a team that works happily and efficiently for your organization.