‘Le coaching a permis de dénouer certains blocages personnels ou collectifs. Et permis d’avancer, parfois dans la douleur, mais toujours en gardant les objectifs de vue.

Toutes les societes et tous leurs dirigeants ont besoin parfois d’un œil et avis exterieurs. De voir les situations complexes sous un autre angle. De remettre des priorités et des valeurs en place. De revenir à la source de ses envies et de ses projections. Un « arret sur image », un etat des lieux n’est pas souvent effectué par les societes, et c’est pourtant essentiel pour pouvoir avancer.’
Sebastien Charrieras- Directeur et Proprietaire de XO Africa

My Key learning through coaching were:
– To think before I speak
– To actively listen to people
– To allow them to come up with a solution instead of taking over
– To not get so easily annoyed
– To provide guidance and allow people to grow at their own pace
– To just allow things to be
Amanda Samuel –Implementations Manager at Mastercard

‘After the first 2 sessions I was a little sceptical of where it was heading as I found self-reflection challenging, but Maya’s ‘questioning’ helped me to realise where my issues lay – and have been more than helpful in identifying the cause of my frustrations, how/why I react to these, and ways in which I can deal with these going forward.’
Don Poerstamper – Operations Manager at Mastercard

‘Leal & Co Ltd as well as the participants have found the coaching services provided by Mrs. Rabbat to be up to our expectations. The assessment of each participant, planning and feedback, quality of the content for each session as well as the materials/handouts provided were beyond reproach and we are confident that the coaching exercise shall yield a positive outcome and be mutually beneficial for both the participants and the Company’
Vivian Serret- Deputy CEO of Leal & Co Ltd

‘Coaching has helped me to execute my work as a professional in that:
I have come to understand that everyone in our team has different approach to learning things and doing things. This way I have learnt to accommodate others and find a balance on how we can work together to achieve the desired goals of Hifly. I give my 100% effort and not worry about failure to deliver’
Chido Myambo- Sales Executive at HiFly Marketing

‘I set out my goals and achievements and I really loved the challenge. For me I had to get used to change doing the same thing for 13 years. The change came, when I realized that I was putting too much pressure on myself to deliver. I needed to better understand my job function set out goals for the sales process and build on that.’
Zulpha Jattiem – Sales Executive at HiFly Marketing

Le coaching m’a permis de prendre de la distance, de mettre le doigt sur les causes et, petit à petit, mettre en place des solutions pour non pas contourner ces parasites, mais les effacer.
Sensibiliser les autres à mon travail, apprendre à leur dire non pour optimiser mon temps de travail et créer un respect mutuel.
Identifier mes sources de distractions pour améliorer la qualité de mon temps de travail
Mieux écouter, prendre du recul pour mieux structurer mes interactions avec mes collègues
Définir ce qui me donne confiance en moi pour mieux gérer ma personnalité.
Jeff Georges- IT & Design Developer de XO Africa

‘ What I achieved in 10 sessions is awareness and insights to focus on in order to achieve my objectives. Maya is an action-oriented coach. She has the ability to clarify your thinking in order for you to be aware of those interferences that may interfere with you not achieving your potential.’
– Daan Mare- Group CEO of Riskflow Holdings

‘The coaching sessions allowed me to look at my self from an outsider’s point of view and to take stock of what I have achieved and where I want to go. Maya creates a safe environment to open up oneself to be coached. When giving feedback it is objective and fair. There is a calm, controlled passion about Maya and this made me confident in her competencies and allowed me to put my trust in her. She is calm, passionate, strong (body and mind), balanced and is there for the individual she is coaching (committed).’
– David Hunter, Operations Admin Manager at the Foschini Retail Group(Pty) Ltd

‘My biggest learning in coaching is that there is a solution to every situation. One must just open his mind to all possibilities. Coaching is a fantastic tool to accompany oneself to achieve maximum benefit in Business and Personal projects. Maya is bold enough to ask challenging questions. And with her business background it was pleasant and trustful working with her.’
– Olaf Masson- Managing Director at ORM Import & Export (Pty) Ltd

‘Coaching helped me discover my calling and myself. Maya always met me where I was at. She had the ability to make me think for myself and helped me discover that the answers were there all the time I just needed to discover them and channel them. She has been available and always prepared to go the extra mile. Her respect for you as the client is amazing and uplifting and therefore builds your self-confidence and self-respect without consciously working at it. I have a great appreciation for Maya and her abilities to help me be me’
– Stefanie Frerk, Community Development and Upliftment Co-ordinator

‘The coaching session helped bring clarity in the way forward with regards to the business. Even though I considered myself quite aware of what is hindering achieving my goals, by talking and discussing it the solutions to the problems become clearer. Maya has the ability to isolate those areas or issues that need particular focus. I experienced Maya as sensitive and compassionate but yet strong and straight forward. I believe that Maya has the ability to really connect with her client because of her own life experience in business, her inner strength, and objectivity and well developed social skills.’
– Hans Pleysier, Business Owner

‘Coaching clarified issues when one is confused. It can help to focus on specifics and to work with those specifics in order to effect change. Maya is now leading me to take the initiative in the process, which is daunting. But, like a good leader, her belief in me, and my ability to effect change makes me want to participate fully in that. She has created a safe space in which I can explore my options, and while she is supportive and caring, she is also there to push me along the way, to challenge me and to make me take responsibility for the change that I want to see happen.’
‘Maya’s coaching is a great assistance to either you or your company in working through any confused or ‘stuck’ situation, and who will assist in helping you to find the best possible solution in order for you to move forward.‘
– Tracy Cahill, Marketing, Theatre (Entertainment)

‘Le plus gros problème du business owner c’est sa solitude. Le coaching m’apporte une vision business extérieure à ma société et à mon milieu et me permet de garder un fil conducteur pour mon activité « ne pas perdre le nord ». Je recommande Maya car elle est organisée, directe, efficace et intègre.’
– Alexandra Guillot- Directrice de Hi-Fly Marketing

‘I am now a more organized individual and more confident. I relaised that we are all different and therefore I should be accommodating to different points of views’
‘Coaching allowed me to reflect on what I can and can’t change and to concentrate on the former, and learnt to accept the latter.’
‘Coaching helped me to focus on my goal setting, maximize my potential and how to be effective at work.’
‘I learned to have effective communication with my colleagues.’
‘Coaching created a greater team work.’
‘More focus on urgent/big jobs, less distractions.’

Riskflow(Pty) Ltd team: selected feedback